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Game Designer

Love Games?  Think you can create one?  Well then maybe you should become a…

Game Designers are considered the visionaries of computer games.  They create the storylines, concepts, characters, settings, rules, and ensure the overall production of a game is consistent with the original vision.  To be a Game Designer you must have a great understanding of the gaming industry, technology, business processes, new gaming trends, and of course, you must to have a passion for games!  Game Designers begin with a concept of a game and must write a proposal that is required for funding their production – a proposal usually includes the game concept, gameplay, story setting, characters, target audience, schedule, staff requirements and budget.  Once all this has been compiled (and when funding has been secured) a Game Designers role shifts to being the production manager of the project.   

Often Game Designers will work with a team of animators, artists, programmers, and audio specialists; depending on the size of the project, they generally work on the designs and graphics as well.  Some Game Designers will work under a ‘Lead Game Designer’ and this usually happens when they are entering the gaming industry.  There are many other roles in Game Design, some of note include; Game Mechanics, who work on the balancing the rules of the game; Level Designers, who may work on the specific attributes of each level; and a Writer, who may be hired to create the narrative, dialogue, and packaging of the game.

The Gaming industry can be seen all over the world and Game Designers are needed to create each and every one of them.  Can you think of all the places games can be found? Maybe you play games on your phone, computer, in your classroom, on your tablets, even on an airplane – the impact of the gaming industry can be seen everywhere!

The most important characteristic of a Game Designer is having a love and passion for games!  Long hours are often required (especially during testing) and Game Designer’s must be a dedicated until the end of their production.  Game Designers may work freelance, therefore, relying on their business skills to gain new contracts and work.  They may also work for a larger company that specializes in game production.  A Game Designer’s salary depends upon the company they work for and freelance workers rely on the amount of contracts they are signed to.  Generally an entry level position will make $40,000 but this may increase up to $80,000, with a bit of experience.  This is one of the largest industries around, so if you have thirst for games and want to create your own, you should become a Game Designer. 

Skill Requirements:

General Business skills, Creativity, Teamwork, DesignAdvanced IT Skills, Artistic Capabilities, Time Management

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