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Game Developer

ave you always loved playing video games?

Why not try making one? Game Developers are software developers specializing in the programming and engineering needed to create video games. As a Game Developer, you can choose to specialize in a specific game console, such as Nintendo Wii or PlayStation, and focus on developing certain kinds of game, such as those under the “role-playing” category. You are in charge of developing the main features of a game, such as graphics, sound and video effects, and dialogue. Since there are many areas of focus for developing games, Game Developers tend to focus on a certain area of programming. These areas can include artificial intelligence programming, 2D and 3D animation, physics programming, and game play programming. Aside from coding for games, you are also responsible for administering quality testing on your work to ensure that the game functions properly and doesn’t crash unexpectedly.


Impact on Society:

Did you know that as a planet, we devote 3 billion hours a week to video games? A wide variety of video games are created that can be played on your phone, tablet, computer or video game console. Although many games are made purely for entertainment, there is a significant rise of interactive games being developed to help people learn by being exposed to knowledge and educational content. This is especially true for kids’ games – many video games now help kids learn math, science, and other skills while they are having fun. As a Game Developer, you have the satisfaction of seeing your hard work being enjoyed by the world.


Working Lifestyle:

Game Developers tend to work in casual office environments. Teamwork is essential when working on a game – although each person is working on something different, everything must fit together flawlessly. Despite the casual work environment, the actual working hours in the office can be intense. Game Developers commonly use the phrase “crunch time” to label the many extra hours required to finish a project. Work-life balance for a Games Developer may not be ideal during these crunch times, however, Game Developers tend to enjoy their work and benefit from high salaries.


Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT Skills, Creativity, Innovation, Software Knowledge, Teamwork, Testing, Time Management, Problem Solving, Passionate

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