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Graphic Designer

Ever wondered who created your favourite T-shirt?  Ever thought about designing your own?  Have you looked at an advertisement lately and wondered where it came from?  Did you think you could do a better job?  If you answered, ‘yes’, keep reading…

Graphic Design is a form of communication that allows us to create and explore more innovative ways of portraying a message to the world.  Graphic Designers use computer technologies to produce their work; this includes using design software that allows an artist to manipulate images, colours, symbols, letters and shapes, resulting in a polished end product. Graphic designers must be exceptional listeners because they have to understand what their clients’ want, while understanding how to attract their target audience. Since graphic design is such a widely used medium for communications, there are many career options available for professionals. As a Graphic Designer you may find yourself working within the following industries: information design, magazine design, education design, package design, television graphics, type design, multimedia design, digital design, marking communications, or as an artist. There are many fields in graphic designer, which on interests you?


Impact on Society:

Each year millions of graphic designs are created all over the world – they are found on the Internet, in magazines, on television shows and even in the movies.  Advertisements rely heavily on graphic images to support their brand. How many logos can you think of right now?  A Graphic Designer created each and every one of them. If you love art, design, and want to create, this is the jobs for you.


Working Environment:

Graphic Designers working lifestyle depends upon their employment choice; from large design firms, to small design houses; from freelance work, to working for one specific employer – Graphic Designers hours and lifestyle are all dependent on where they work and vary greatly. Working as a freelance designer can be challenging at times, since you are the one who must source your next job. Business skills are essential for freelance designers and understanding how to market yourself is crucial to your success. Designers who work for large design firms have a steady salary income and usually work standard 9-5 hours. Often, Graphic Designers will blend the two working lifestyles by securing a day-time job and working as a freelance designer on the side. A Graphic Designer’s salary depends upon the amount of work they receive, making this job’s salary a difficult one to pinpoint.


Skill Requirements:  

Business skills, Creativity, Design, Communications, Advanced IT Skills, Artistic Capabilities, Time Management

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