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Health Technician

Are you highly organized and want to work in the healthcare industry?

Why not put your skills to practice as a Health Technician? Health Technicians are the people in charge of recording and tracking patient health records. These records are stored in computer databases that allow for easy access and fast editing capabilities. Health Technicians key duties include keeping detailed records of a patient’s family history, illnesses, prescriptions, recent or upcoming surgeries, allergies, treatment results, and other significant health information. As a Health Technician, you need to have an understanding of medical terminology and anatomy. Your daily tasks revolve around data management and data entry – you must gather a patient’s health information after each appointment, make sure that all medical records are filled out completely and accurately, and enter the finalized information into a medical record database. Health Technicians are also responsible for analyzing the data they have collected in order to improve patient care quality, control health spending, and provide feedback and reports to medical staff.


Impact on Society:

Replacing the traditional paper health record, electronic records eliminate the chance of losing data and ensure that a patient’s information is 100% accurate. eHealth records allow for quick and easy access to pertinent information – this is incredibly helpful during any emergency situation where a patient is being prepped for surgery: What prescriptions are they currently taking? Are they allergic to anything? Have they undergone surgery before? Do they have any kind of threatening medical condition? Health Technicians ensure that these records are up-to-date and precise, helping save time and, in turn, many lives.


Working Lifestyle:

Health Technicians work in medical settings such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, or other medical facilities. As a Health Technician, you can expect to work alongside nurses, doctors and other employees on a daily basis. Constant communication between a health technician and medical staff is essential to ensure that all patient data being entered into the database system is correct. Health Technicians receive an average yearly salary of around $50,000.


Skill Requirements:

Attention to Detail, Communication, Information Management, Multitasking, Organizational Skills, Software Knowledge

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