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Help Desk Operator

Do you find yourself helping others when they can’t figure something out? Are you technically inclined and enjoy sharing your skill? If you answered, ‘yes’ to both these questions then you could become a Help Desk Operator.

Many companies around the world seek Help Desk Operators that assist clients with various problems and maintenance issues. Help Desk Operators can work for private firms that deal with internal company issues, or they may work for a company that offers their services for a fee. As a Help Desk Operator, your overall job is to help people with a variety of issues, including but not limited to; software use, printing, installing programs, updating software, troubleshooting problems, emailing, fixing hardware etc.


Impact on Society:

Computers are a pain for some people – but with your help, you can make life a little easier! Our modern world requires us to interact with technology on a daily basis, making Help Desk Operators an invaluable resource. Even though technology helps us greatly as a society, sometimes using it can be frustrating. As a Help Desk Operator, you can pass on your expert knowledge to those who need it most. If you like interacting with people, being a Help Desk Operator can be a highly rewarding career choice.


Working Lifestyle:

Help Desk Operators can work for a particular IT service, such as Bell Canada, for an organization or business, or even a college or high school. Typically, Help Desk Operators work in remote offices and only interact with customers over the phone or via email. However, some organizations employ Help Desk Operators to work in-house. If this is the case, you can also deal with enquires face-to-face. There is a range in average salary based on who you work for, with the lowest annual income being around $30,000 and the highest hitting around $70,000.


Skill Requirements:

Communication, Decision Making, People Skills, Problem Solving, Software Knowledge

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