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Information Analyst

Have you ever wondered how an organization ensures its data is valid and secure? Information Analysts are responsible for analyzing an organization’s corporate data to see what information is important and to ensure that all the information holds a high standard of integrity. Once the data is reviewed, an analytical report must be written to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of that particular data and to determine the level of security implementation required to protect it. All your analyses are recorded in a database in order to keep track of what information is critical. You will also assist with the installation, configuration, and updating of new software and hardware systems while ensuring that all security measures are in place. You have the option of specializing in a certain type of information or you have the choice of working within many different departments.

Impact on Society:

Information Analysts identify important integrity and security issues within an organization that must be addressed quickly and efficiently. An organization’s data that is stored within their operating systems and programs is precious and invaluable – if any of this information were incorrect, altered or destroyed, an organization’s future would be severely compromised! As an Information Analyst, you are directly responsible for protecting an organization’s key assets – its knowledge.

Working Lifestyle:

As an Information Analyst, you will find yourself working within large organizations or software companies. Needing to work as a team to complete your daily tasks, strong communication skills are essential in this role. Stay on top of new technology trends and innovations since you will be using complicated software programs that are updated on a regular basis. Continual learning is crucial to this job! Your salary will be dependent on your experience and the organization you join.

Skills Required:

Attention to Detail, Communication, Teamwork, Multitasking, Software Knowledge, Advanced IT Skills, Writing Skills

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