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Information Architect

Are you highly organized and enjoy structure? Would you like to play a key role in how a website looks?  Information Architecture might be for you!

Information Architects are responsible for planning how information will appear on a website. Working alongside web editors, designers, developers, as well as external clients, Information Architects devise a clear design strategy that caters to a predetermined target audience. As an Information Architect, you will control how the content and features of a website are presented in order to best represent your client’s message and business strategy. The site architecture – which acts as a kind of blueprint – displays the navigation structure of all web pages, showing exactly where everything will be found on the site. Later on, this blueprint will act as an instruction manual for the web designer and/or developer. An Information Architect must be able to organize a client’s information in an efficient and user-friendly way.


Impact on Society:

Information Architects make websites make sense! Ever come across a website that is horribly messy and confusing? You can bet they didn’t have an Information Architect on the job. As an Information Architect, you ensure that web pages are easy to navigate and information can be found effortlessly on your website. Your design strategy also affects the delivery of your client’s message – it must be efficient, clear and have the right impact on your worldwide audience. By organizing a website in an efficient manner, you can take pride in making everyone’s life easier.


Working Lifestyle:

Information Architects work in collaborative office environments. Teamwork and communication are extremely important since you have to sure that your architecture fits with the design and that the design fits with your architecture. As an Information Architect, you will enjoy a very high annual income.


Skill Requirements:

Architecture, Design, Organization, Multimedia, Communication, Leadership, People Skills, Attention to Detail, Software Knowledge, Teamwork

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