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Internet Sales Support Specialist

Do you like passing on your skills and knowledge to others? Want to play a part in the world of eCommerce?

An Internet Sales Support Specialist has the job of helping various clients manage, maintain, and update the ecommerce portion of their website. Since a website can function as a 24/7 online store, it is important that all features work properly at all times. Internet Sales Support Specialists are on-call for their clients and provide sales support when needed. Large organizations and small business owners alike can sign up for what’s called a ‘support contract’. As an Internet Sales Support Specialist, this contract requires you to offer a variety of services, such as implementation of web updates that make the buying process more efficient and effective, ‘shopping cart’ maintenance, website security, order and credit card payment logging, and other general support services. Internet Sales Support Specialists also provide direct support to a company’s in-house sales team.


Impact on Society:

Now, more than ever, smaller businesses are being noticed on an international scale due to the accessibility of the Internet, resulting in massive savings in time, resources, and spending! If a business is creating or updating their website and wants to introduce or increase Internet sales, Internet Sales Support Specialists can be wonderful sources to help achieve these goals. As an Internet Sales Support Specialist, you can directly help businesses gain revenue and worldwide recognition through a properly managed online store.


Working Lifestyle: 

As an Internet Sales Support Specialist, you can expect to work in a typical office environment and make a fairly average salary. This job usually requires varying work hours, such as evening and weekend shift-work. Depending on your experience, you could work a normal 40-hour week. Since Internet Sales Support Specialists are typically contacted via phone, great communication skills are essential. It is also important to stay on top of web trends and new technologies that may help your clients boost their sales.


Skill Requirements:

Application Support and Maintenance, Attention to Detail, Communication, Multitasking, Organizational Skills, People Skills, Problem Solving, Software Knowledge, Testing, Trend Awareness

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