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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers design and develop machines that harness natural energy for practical uses. Certain mechanical systems are designed to produce energy, like car engines, while others are made to use energy in a productive way, like heating systems and escalators. Mechanical Engineers will usually choose to concentrate on a certain area of mechanical engineering, since there is such a broad spectrum of industries in which to find employment. Depending on what industry you work for, you could be producing heating and ventilation systems, developing motorized equipment, creating automobile and aerospace technology, implementing environmental sustainability solutions, or designing computer technology. Your daily tasks include things like evaluating blueprint drawings, researching and designing mechanical equipment, performing testing and troubleshooting on equipment, providing technical recommendations, preparing reports, and monitoring and helping with installation processes.


Impact on Society:

Mechanical Engineers create innovative machines and new technologies that help people function in modern society. What would you do without heating in those cold winter months? What if you didn’t have motorized transportation to get from one place to another? As a Mechanical Engineer, your work makes everyone’s everyday lives a lot easier and much more comfortable! Mechanical Engineers are immersed in perfecting present technologies and are key contributors to future advances in the technological world.


Working Lifestyle:

Mechanical Engineers mainly work in the manufacturing industry but can also find jobs within various government departments and universities. Mechanical Engineers tend to alternate working within an office and a factory or construction site. Overtime hours are sometimes expected if a deadline is fast approaching and there is a still lot of work to be done. Mechanical Engineers work alongside scientists and other mechanical engineers on most projects, so good communication skills are important. A Mechanical Engineer’s salary is quite high and increases based on experience and seniority.


Skill Requirements:

Design, Planning, Attention to Detail, Dedication, Innovation, Testing, Time Management, Teamwork

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