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Mobile Developer

Want to design the next trendy new app? Become a
Mobile Developer!

Mobile Developers are experts in designing and coding for phones and tablets. As a Mobile Developer, you are responsible for creating the overall look-and-feel and the functions of a mobile application, web application, mobile user interface, or mobile operating system. To do this, you must have extensive software engineering knowledge and a strong understanding of programming languages. Mobile App Developers make applications that run on your smartphone or tablet, such as entertainment apps, games, travel apps, social networking apps, and productivity apps. If you are interested in creating websites that are viewed on mobile devices, you can choose to specialize in Mobile Web Development. Mobile Software Developers design and code for mobile operating systems and create mobile user interfaces. In addition to developing, Mobile Developers are also well-versed in fixing bugs and upgrading applications.


Impact on Society:

In the next year alone, over one billion people will have a smartphone! With users on the rise, Mobile Developers are instrumental in maintaining and improving mobile phone features and functions. As a Mobile Developer, you will be a key innovator and trendsetter in the ever-changing tech world. Your apps, websites and operating systems will be used and appreciated by the masses.


Working Lifestyle:

As a Mobile Developer, you can choose to work for a company or you can opt for self-employment. Companies sometimes permit telecommuting. If you are self-employed, you must be prepared to determine your own set requirements and deadlines. You have to be ready to put in extra hours – approximately a quarter of Mobile Developers work more than 40 hours a week. There is great demand for Mobile Developers and the salary is high.


Skill Requirements:

Multitasking, Creativity, Communication, Analytical Thinking, Teamwork, Software Knowledge, Attention to Detail, Application Support and Maintenance, Advanced IT Skills, Innovation

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