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Multimedia Programmer

Do you like design, animation, video and photography?  Do you see yourself playing a large role in the arts world? 

Becoming a Multimedia Programmer means you get to create the software thousands of multimedia professional use!  Just think – YOU could be in charge of developing and programming state- of-the-art software that enables gamers, video specialists, photographers and other media specialists to have the best programs to deliver their works of art. 


Impact on Society:

Multimedia Programmers are trend setters and among some of the key influencers of the Internet.  By developing the software necessary for multimedia specialists to create their work, you in turn see your hard work all over the Internet and media!!  As a Multimedia Programmer you are in control of how your audience consumes and uses your software. 


Working Lifestyle:

Since Multimedia Programmers are involved in all stages of development, they often work within a team environment and must communicate their ideas.  Interaction with other creative specialists is important for Multimedia Programmers because products must satisfy consumer demand.  Often teams of programmers will work simultaneously on a specific product in order to complete it in a timely fashion.  Since they often work in teamwork environments, personal stress levels are generally low in Multimedia Programmer and the pay is often high.


Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT Skills, Organizational Skills, Teamwork, Communication, Architecture, Planning

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