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Photographers have an eye for design, artistic ability, and strong technical skills. As a Photographer, your job is to take photos of people, events, places, objects, or animals for the public to see. Photographers can specialize in a certain area of photography, such as fashion, journalism, sport, or wildlife, or they can work as a general practitioner – these photographers offer their services for weddings, family photos, etc. Today, most Photographers use digital cameras for their work, since it allows for digital editing and easy online storage. Photographers have extensive knowledge regarding camera equipment since the quality of their photos rely on what camera model they are using, which lens is attached, and what accessories have been added. Photographers also use various software programs, like Photoshop, to edit their photos in creative and beautiful ways. If a Photographer is a freelancer or runs a private business, they usually manage a website so that the public is able to view and purchase their photos.

Impact on Society:

Photographers capture moments to create lasting memories or provoke thought and discussion. They work to make statements with their photos, whether it be political, social, or personal. Photojournalism is a popular stream of work, which can be both exciting and dangerous at the same time.  When browsing through media coverage of natural disasters, have you ever wondered who is behind those hurricane or tsunami photos? Through their creativity and precise techniques, photographers have the unique ability to engaged and inform citizens worldwide.

Working Lifestyle:

A Photographer’s lifestyle truly depends on the nature of their work. Some Photographers will work alone, while others will have an assistant or work alongside models, lighting technicians, or journalists. Some Photographers work inside a clean studio while others travel extensively. Travel might be necessary for a model shoot, an animal safari, or a developing news story. Photography is a very competitive field and it is difficult to become extremely successful. Most Photographers work long and irregular hours and make around $40,000 a year.


Skill Requirements:

Artistic Capabilities, Attention to Detail, Communication, Creativity, Design, Dedication, Multimedia Skills, Organizational Skills, Passionate, Software Knowledge

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