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Platform Specialist

Are you interested in how computers work? Do you want a career that challenges you to solve various technological problems?

In case you didn’t know, a platform is just another word for an operating system (OS) – in other words, it’s a structure from where software and hardware run. A computer relies on a functioning platform in order to work properly. Platform Specialists are experts in understanding all there is to know about platforms. They are in charge of monitoring and analyzing how a platform and its applications are working so that any functionality issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible. As a Platform Specialist, your main duties include providing platform support services, repairing system disruptions, and planning and executing various changes.


Impact on Society:

Platform Specialists are very important for any organization that uses computers to conduct business – and these days, that’s pretty much every single one. In addition, individual with their own personal computers want to be sure that their OS won’t crash at any given point.  A problem with a computer’s OS can cause everything on that computer to fail, making it impossible for any work to be completed. Platform Specialists ensure that both an organization and the general public can carry out their daily tasks as needed without any interruptions.


Working Lifestyle:

As a Platform Specialist, you can expect to work in a casual office environment – either in-house at a large organization or for various computer companies. In addition to a traditional 8-hour day, you sometimes have to work overtime during evenings or weekends if a serious platform problem arises. Critical problems causing a system to crash need to be fixed immediately so users don’t become frustrated when they are unable to use their computers. Since the computer software engineering industry is growing and expanding quickly, the demand for Platform Specialists is high. Platform Specialists benefit from great annual salary.


Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Organizational Skills, Time Management, Communication, Teamwork, Advanced IT Skills

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