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Problem Manager

Are you a problem solver? Why not consider a career in Problem Management? Problem Managers hold a huge responsibility – they are in charge of identifying and finding solutions to IT problems in order to prevent them from recurring in the future. Since technology plays such a key role today’s world, making sure everything works properly is extremely important for an organization’s success. Your day-to-day would typically include identifying a particular problem, determining how it originated, coming up with a resolution, and then creating a record of what was discovered in order to prevent any similar problems from occurring. In the event that a problem is viewed as unavoidable, Problem Managers aim to reduce the impact of that problem when it does occur.


Impact on Society:

As a Problem Manager, you play an integral part in ensuring that an organization avoids unnecessary bumps in the road that could hurt productivity. Your problem solving skills help businesses achieve more in a day due to less system disruptions interrupting work flow. Because Problem Managers keep a log of all solved problems, problems are fixed early-on in an efficient and effective manner, helping businesses reduce unnecessary spending.


Working Lifestyle:

Problem Managers are on-call 24 hours per day. This is because a problem can occur at any time and must be resolved as fast as possible. If a problem persists, you are expected to work overtime until the problem is fixed. Due to these long hours and time spent in front of a computer screen, Problem Managers usually carry a considerable amount of stress and eye strain. The average pay varies depending on what organization and industry you work for. It also varies based on location.


Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT Skills, Attention to Detail, Dedication, Innovation, Management, Problem Solving, Time Management

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