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Programmer Analyst

Programmer AnalystAre you interested in programming? Would you love to make positive and innovative contributions to a company?

As a Programmer Analyst, you are responsible for programming software so it can work on a computer. While completing this task, testing is essential since it determines whether there are any inherent problems or if the software engineer forgot anything important when designing the software. You could be responsible for coding web pages, databases, applications, or servers. A key role of a Programmer Analyst is to review computer software and then suggest and administer appropriate changes. Usually, after administering an upgrade, a Programmer Analyst will conduct a training session to teach employees the new technical skills that they will need to use the software.


Impact on Society:

Have you ever stopped to think about how many computer programs you use in a day? Just think – someone is responsible for making sure these systems stay relevant and working all day long. Without Programmer Analysts, your internet browser might stop working! Or maybe you wouldn’t be able to use Microsoft Word to write that important assignment, since a new version hadn’t been created to comply with your operating system. As a Programmer Analyst, you will have an instrumental role in sustaining the technological world.


Working Lifestyle:

A Programmer Analyst typically works on-site at a large company or IT provider. You can expect to collaborate with other people on a daily basis, so being a strong communicator and team player are valued qualities. Occasionally you will also be given the increased responsibility of Project Manager. However, you can always choose to work as a freelancer – this means you can apply for a variety of projects. The pay of a Programmer Analyst is quite high.


Skill Requirements:

Communication, Advanced IT Skills, Teamwork, Leadership, Software Knowledge, Multitasking, Innovation, Time Management

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