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Project Leader

Project Leader Do you like taking charge while working in a team? If you’ve answered yes, you should consider becoming a Project Leader. Working under a project director or program manager, Project Leaders help plan and coordinate various tech projects. These IT projects, including anything from system installation to creating new software programs, aim at helping organizations reach target business goals. Project Leaders must monitor project progress, lead meetings, regulate the use of resources, and support project development. To ensure best results, a Project Leader must stay up to date on current and new emerging trends in the ever-evolving technological world.


Impact on Society:

As a Project Leader, you are an expert at understanding how technology can help organizations. Without regulation and delegation, a project can easily fall apart. You provide the structure and instruction necessary to ensure a project’s success! Although you are not an expert in programming or analysis like some of your coworkers, your broad knowledge works to tie all the little pieces together to ensure great results.


Working Lifestyle:

Project Leaders work in collaboration with various tech specialists and must be comfortable delegating tasks, giving feedback, and overseeing their work. You can expect to work in an office environment for 40 hours a week. However, there will be times when you need to put in extra hours to make sure a project meets a deadline. As a Project Leader, you will benefit from a very high salary and have opportunities to advance into supervisory or management positions.


Skills and Requirements:

Communication, Initiative, Leadership, Multitasking, Organizational Skills, People Skills, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Time Management

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