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Quality Assurance Analyst

Do you love turning problems into solutions? Do you aspire to play a key role in the organization you work for?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you might want to consider becoming a Quality Assurance Analyst. A Quality Assurance Analyst makes sure that an organization’s software is working properly. To figure this out, you will work in what’s called an “employee quality improvement team” within a testing environment. This environment allows important analysis to take place before the software is released to the public. When a problem is identified during this phase, the underlying reason behind its occurrence must be determined so that it can be corrected quickly. As a Quality Assurance Analyst, not only will you correct problems, but you will also figure out ways in which they can be easily prevented in the future. Finally, you will be required to create a report listing the newly implemented changes and explain why they have enhanced the quality of the software.


Impact on Society:

Think about how many software programs we use every day – imagine if these weren’t tested prior to their launch! The program might freeze, not work properly on your favourite operating system, a key feature might be missing, or maybe it wouldn’t work at all. As a Quality Assurance Analyst, your work greatly benefits an entire organization. Since you stop problems before they even begin, you reduce headache, frustration and wasted time of countless employees!


Working Lifestyle:

As a Quality Assurance Analyst, you can expect to work in a typical office environment. You might be required to work overtime during evenings and weekends to solve a stubborn problem in order to meet a certain deadline – therefore, great time management skills are very important. Also, you must be comfortable working with others as you will be working in teams for the majority of the day. There is a great job outlook for Quality Assurance Analysts – entry level positions pay quite well, but your salary will increase significantly as you begin working in senior positions.


Skill Requirements:

Communication, Advanced IT Skills, Software Knowledge, Testing, Teamwork, Time Management, Leadership, Attention to Detail, Innovation

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