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Do you think of yourself as a great innovator? Want to contribute to the advancing technological world by creating something entirely new?

A Roboticist is an inventor that creates robots from the ground up, starting with the design process and finishing with experimental testing. As a Roboticist, you must have a vast knowledge base that encompasses computer science, engineering, and art. These three disciplines are instrumental in the designing, building, and programming stages of creating a robotic machine. Roboticists are involved in all steps of the invention process, from the initial prototyping stage to exploration development, construction, and trial and error testing. The final product represents something new that contributes to society in some way or another.


Impact on Society:

Our society relies on technology to get things done faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. Roboticists push the boundaries of science and technology to create machines that improve upon existing equipment or benefit society in an entirely new way. Recent advances include driverless cars, machines that have artificial intelligence, and exploratory robots that explore other planets for us. In the near future, many more technological leaps will be made and robots will surely play an instrumental part in this progress. As a Roboticist, your creativity and innovative power could help build the next latest and greatest machine!


Working Lifestyle:

The robotics field is expanding more than ever, with many industries wanting to benefit from the help of modern innovations. Roboticists can find work with government, universities, military, entertainment industry, health science sector, space industry – the options are truly vast. A Roboticist’s salary greatly depends on where someone is employed, how much experience they have, and what product is being created.


Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT Skills, Architecture, Attention to Detail, Creativity, Design, Innovation, Passionate, Problem Solving, Testing, Trend Awareness

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