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SaaS Programmer

Have you always been interested in programming and want to apply your knowledge to the latest and greatest trends?

Focusing your talent towards a career in SaaS Programming is a great way to actively contribute to current advances in web technology. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a type of software that is hosted through ‘cloud computing’, meaning that anyone can access it by using a web browser and having an Internet connection. In our technologically centered world, the majority of business applications are currently being delivered this way, from accounting applications and customer relationship management (CRM) software to collaboration tools and content management platforms. SaaS Programmers are responsible for developing these online software tools. Duties include helping with the design and coding of the software program, setting up the software through use on the cloud, and performing routine testing and debugging procedures when needed. Programming for the cloud is different from regular programming – this means that SaaS Programmers need to understand new concepts surrounding scalability, security, software architecture, dynamic infrastructure, and service.


Impact on Society:

Ever noticed how expensive software programs can be? If you need to purchase multiple programs, costs skyrocket into the thousands extremely quickly. Using SaaS software allows individuals and businesses alike to ‘rent’ software, which drastically reduces cost. It also saves time by eliminating the need for individual support services, since SaaS Programmers can simply monitor and update one version on the cloud that everybody has access to. Another benefit of SaaS is that it allows users to save their files on the Internet instead of on their personal computer, which saves memory and allows access to the files from any computer and anywhere in the world.


Working Lifestyle:

SaaS Programmers enjoy working in a comfortable and quiet office setting and receive a great salary. Sometimes SaaS Programmers work at their employer’s office, but they often have the option to work from home. Although SaaS Programmers usually work 40 hours a week, overtime hours are often necessary when a deadline is approaching.


Skill Requirements: 

Advanced IT Skills, Application Support and Maintenance, Attention to Detail, Innovation, Organizational Skills, Problem Solving, Software Knowledge, Time Management, Trend Awareness

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