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Security Specialist

If you have great computer skills and want to protect and maintain an organization’s well-being, why not become a Security Specialist? Security Specialists are responsible for developing, organizing, and applying computer security features. These features help regulate user accessibility and prevent the changing, deleting, and sharing of certain information. It is a Security Specialist’s duty to promote security awareness within an organization and to inform users on what information they can access. Updating virus protection systems is also a key aspect of this job.


Impact on Society:

In today’s society, organizations rely on computers to carry out their day-to-day tasks and to store important documents. As a Security Specialist, you are needed to ensure that no information is lost or damaged. Without Security Specialists, hard work or confidential information might be compromised, putting extra stress on employees to make up for lost time. Ensuring that the proper security measures are in place makes you an extremely valuable member of any organization.


Working Lifestyle:

Security Specialists work in a comfortable office environment and usually are expected to put in 40 hours per week. However, you must remain on-call in case important security issues arise and need to be solved immediately. Strong communication skills are a huge asset since you will be working alongside supervisors and coworkers on a daily basis – you need to feel comfortable discussing your concerns or to providing updates on a recent security issue. The annual salary is fairly high, yet can vary depending on who you work for.


Skill Requirements:

Advanced IT Skills, Multitasking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creativity, Communication, Analytical Thinking, Organizational Skills