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Service Continuity Manager

Have you always wanted to plan ahead so you could avoid potential roadblocks? Are ‘organization’, ‘planning’, and ‘prevention’ key words in your vocabulary? Service Continuity Management may be in your future! Service Continuity Managers are responsible for ensuring that a business’ IT services continue to work even if a serious problem arises. These services are ones that businesses rely on daily and include things like computer networks, systems, applications, databases, and tech support. In order to ensure these services work as needed, Service Continuity Managers attempt to reduce the risk of disaster by determining each IT services’ assets, weaknesses and potential threats. Components are then fixed and strengthened to optimize performance and limit risk for disaster. Since emergencies still happen, reactive and proactive plans are put in place so that they can be handled properly. Service Continuity Managers need to test and update these plans regularly to make sure that they will offer the best protection possible.


Impact on Society:

Service Continuity Managers are greatly valued and an integral part of any organization. With the absence of proper planning, potential disasters are often overlooked until it’s too late. Service Continuity Managers plan a response to IT service failures so that a business doesn’t run the risk of losing valuable time, money, and resources. By minimizing the disruption of IT services when an emergency occurs, businesses can carry on with their daily tasks and continue to be productive.


Working Lifestyle:

As a Service Continuity Manager, you can expect to receive a high yearly wage. Fluctuation in salary will happen due to your experience, who your employer is, and where you are working in the world. It is possible to be hired as a permanent employee working for one company or to work for various employers through contract work. Hours are generally stable; however, overtime is necessary if an emergency occurs so that the problem can be solved quickly.


Skill Requirements: 

Application Support and Maintenance, Leadership, Management, Planning, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Testing, Teamwork

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