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Social Media Architect Specialist

Can’t get enough of all things social media? Do you run your own blog and use Facebook and Twitter daily?

Ever thought of becoming a Social Media Architect Specialist? A Social Media Architect Specialist is responsible for organizing, developing, and sustaining social media campaigns. Campaigns are run on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and various blogs. These campaigns ensure that organizations, companies, and businesses get their voice heard by maintaining a strong online presence. As a Social Media Architect Specialist, you are in charge of posting to Twitter and Facebook accounts, writing and editing online blog content, uploading videos to YouTube, and posting photos to Flickr. You monitor online trends and measure results to determine what parts of each campaign are working and what parts need to be enhanced. You are expected to stay up-to-date on current and new technologies and trends in order to best represent your client.


Impact on Society:

A cheap and easy way to reach customers, social media use has blown up in the business world. As a Social Media Architect Specialist, you help advance a client’s image, grow their brand, and give them large-scale exposure. In a way that was never before possible, social media platforms create dialogue between individuals and businesses. Who knows – you might be able to establish contact with key industry figures that can positively contribute to your client’s business.


Working Lifestyle:

Social Media Architect Specialists work in comfortable office environments and must be comfortable communicating with various team members on a daily basis. It is important that everyone is on the same page regarding social media campaigns since they directly reflect a business. If you work as a corporate Social Media Architect Specialist, your yearly income is significantly higher than if you aren’t associated with a corporation.


Skill Requirements:

Architecture, Attention to Detail, Communication, Creativity, Initiative, Innovation, Planning, Multitasking, Trend Awareness, Writing Skills

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