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Software Designer

Are you creative and love a challenge?

Becoming a Software Designer means you will have the opportunity to create new software solutions that answer the needs of your client or company – a very challenging role!!  This multifaceted job includes analysing the current software and needs of a client, creating new software concepts and architecture, ensuring it complies with the future needs and specifications of the client, communicating and planning its development, analyzing risk factors regarding the software, and overseeing testing of the product.  While this role may seem very complex it is also a very rewarding position, personally and financially.


Impact on Society:

Software designers are continuously redesigning software to ensure their product works efficiently and effortlessly.  Being a Software Designer means you will have an end product, which was designed by YOU!  Depending on the product you are creating, many different people will use and rely on your design.  This role is extremely rewarding and can impact large groups of people.


Working Lifestyle:

A Software Designer pay is very high and entry level salaries are higher than your average job.  In this role you may work 40 hours a week but often may be on call during the testing phase.  This is a team driven position and you will often manage or communicate with an internal team of software programmers, project managers and software analysts.  What makes this role so exciting is that you can always work on new projects and designs; communication skills are key to this role as you will often work with new people.  If you are looking for an exciting, fast-paced and high-paying career – Software Design may be for you!


Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Organizational Skills, Communications, Advanced IT Skills, Architecture, Planning, Design, General Business Skills, Problem Solving, Management

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