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Structural Design Engineer

If you want to help design safe structures all across the city…

You should become a Structural Design Engineer! Structural Design Engineers are responsible for designing and analyzing the construction of buildings and other urban structures. A Structural Design Engineer’s main concern is that a structure is created in such a way that it remains safe for the public to use. Extreme precision and caution must be used in order to ensure that a construction is safe. This is done by determining which materials must be used in order to account for all possible pressures and stress points of the construction.  The construction design is created using computer-aided design (CAD) software and is given to contractors during the building process. Structural Design Engineers must be aware of the physics of a building so they can design a beautiful construction that is also built securely and safely. In addition to designing brand new structures, Structural Design Engineers also are hired to review and certify the safety of existing structures.


Impact on Society:

As a Structural Design Engineer, you work to ensure that structures are safe. Without your expertise, entering a building may be dangerous or even deadly! Your design skills and physics knowledge keeps the public’s mind at ease when it comes to walking down a hallway, climbing stairs, opening a door, or crossing a bridge. These are simple things that we take for granted – yet behind it all, Structural Design Engineers are working hard to guarantee our safety.


Working Lifestyle:

Structural Design Engineers can expect to work 8 hours days and benefit from great pay. Working closely with architects, other designers, and contractors, Structural Design Engineers must have great communication and teamwork skills to carry out daily tasks successfully. Structural Design Engineers alternate between construction sites and office environments – they do initial site visits before creating the construction plans in collaboration with architects. Following the completion of the construction plans, Structural Design Engineers need to be present at the construction site in order to advise the contractors of any potential problems or changes.

Skill Requirements:

Communication, Initiative, Architecture, Design, Drawing, Innovation, People Skills, Planning, Problem Solving, Teamwork

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