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Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst
Do you like to take charge?  Do you enjoy creating solutions to problems and figuring out the best way to make things work?

Systems Analysts work within organizations to ensure their systems and infrastructure are working the most efficient way possible.  Working directly with various internal departments, Systems Analysts figure out the best way for companies to share information, communicate with one another, and streamline systems for optimal output.  For this role you will need to understand computer systems, be able to communicate with various individuals, and be able to plan and organize effectively.  Systems Analysts are required within all types of industry and are highly sought after by many factories, companies and organizations.


Impact on Society:

A Systems Analyst’s impact can be felt within any company, organization and industry.  By analysing and creating new ways for systems to run, they can eliminate costs, increase productivity, create a better working environment, and allow for greater communication between individuals.   Systems Analysts may find themselves working for the Secret Service and government; the need for organizations and operations to run effectively is crucial and your role may truly impact society.


Working Lifestyle:

Systems Analysts may work with a variety of individuals at any given time but also, may often work independently.  A good balance between teamwork and independent work may be found within this role.  The responsibility of a Systems Analyst is great, however, the salary and demand for talent is high. System Analysts must remain up-to-date with new emerging technologies and potential threats to the running of their operations. 


Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Advanced IT Skills, Problem Solving, Architecture, Planning, Organizational Skills, Management, Trend Awareness

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