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Technical Architect

Are you a great leader and communicator? Do you enjoy keeping up on all the latest and greatest technological trends? Thought about becoming a Technical Architect?

Technical Architects are project managers who lead various types of IT projects, whether it’s redesigning a website, creating a large database, or creating a new software application. They oversee projects that focus on important IT improvements that need to be made to an organization. As a Technical Architect, your first task is figuring out what the organization expects from a project. Then you must delegate tasks to various employees and make sure to document their progress from start to finish. You will have to communicate with lots of people in order to ensure that a project is meeting the expectations of both the organization and of the people who will be interacting with the finished product. Technical Architects want to make sure that all aspects of IT are functioning correctly and efficiently within an organization.


Impact on Society:

Did you know that virtually all organizations use technology to conduct business? The way an organization chooses to use that technology can drastically improve its productivity, market value, popularity, and overall success. Working as a Technical Architect means you are a fundamental instigator in maintaining and improving an organization’s tech presence. Without you, an organization could easily fall to the wayside in today’s demanding and fast-paced world.


Working Lifestyle:

As a Technical Architect, you can normally expect to work the typical 40 hours a week. However, if a project requires extra work to meet a pressing deadline, you must be prepared to work overtime.  Although you will be stationed out of an office, you will have to travel a lot – sometimes to the other side of the country – to meet with various people involved in a project. It’s important to be aware of current and up-and-coming technologies when working as a Technical Architect, since these tech innovations may relate directly to a project you are planning or working on. In reward for their hard work, Technical Architects benefit from a very high salary.


Skill Requirements:

Problem Solving, Communication, Decision Making, Dedication, General Business Skills, Leadership, Organizational Skills, Planning, People Skills, Teamwork

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