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Technical Writer

If you enjoy writing and communicating ideas to others than perhaps you should consider a career as a Technical Writer A Technical Writer takes information about a product and rewrites it so that it is easier to understand.  A Technical Writer may work alongside product developers, web developers, and/or software programmers to fully understand the product they are describing.  Once they have understood the product and how it functions, they write guides and manuals for people without a ‘techy’ background to understand.


Impact on Society:

So how do Technical Writers impact the society?  Their work is all over the world.  Technical Writers help explain things to the average person.  Ever looked at a car manual, phone manual, or a program guide?  Have you ever assembled something from Ikea and used the manual to do it?  All of these guides were written and designed by Technical Writers.  Basically, Technical Writers make the world an easier place to live in, so you should thank them.


Working Lifestyle:

A Technical Writer has a pretty desirable lifestyle.  Not only do they get paid higher than the average writer but they also interact with co-workers like product designers and engineers who have created the product they are describing.  A good balance is met between independent work and teamwork.  Technical Writing is ranked as being one of the lease stressful jobs by CNN.  


Skill Requirements:    

Communication, Writing Skills, Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Organizational Skills

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