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User Education Technical Writer

Like writing?

Want to use your skills to help others? User Education Technical Writers are responsible for creating educational resources that are easy to understand by the masses. These materials include things like training manuals relating to products, operations, maintenance, or training, online instructional help, and multimedia presentations. A User Education Technical Writer must ensure that consumers can understand their writing style; therefore, they must write in a clear and concise manner using common language. Daily duties consist of reviewing requirements, analysis models, and various documents to best represent a product, software program, or other material. While writing these educational resources, User Education Technical Writers will give feedback to clients in order to improve user experience.


Impact on Society:

Ever tried to use a software program or product and couldn’t figure out where to begin? Were the instructions too techy for you to understand? By creating instructional resources that everyone can understand, software is easier to use, the goal of a product makes more sense, and things get done much faster. As a User Education Technical Writer, your work will help enhance an organization’s products, productivity, and user experience.


Working Lifestyle:

User Education Technical Writers get the opportunity to collaborate with programmers, designers, and other various employees in order to gain a full understanding of what they are writing about. Because of this, there is a great balance between teamwork and independent work. Generally, User Education Technical Writers work regular hours in an office environment and benefit from a high yearly salary.


Skill Requirements:

Writing Skills, Communication, Attention to Detail, General Business Skills, Product Knowledge, Organizational Skills

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