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User Interaction Designer

A website is useless unless people want to interact with it.

If you are creative with a keen sense for design, you can play a key role in making sure that a website lives up to its full potential. User Interaction Designers ensure that a website’s design makes users want to engage with the key features of the site. They are experts in user behaviour – how exactly do people react to certain wording, fonts, layouts, and colours on a website? Confusing fonts and florescent colours might deter users from navigating a site. As a User Interaction Designer, you are responsible for regulating the first impression that a website gives off in order to attract users in the best way possible. You also specialize in navigation – it’s not just first impressions that are important, but also how users navigate a site. If information is hard to find, people become discouraged and will leave the website.


Impact on Society:

If a website is messy and confusing, people are easily distracted and will leave the page. User Interaction Designers help make sure that a website is straightforward, clear, and clean! This guarantees that information is conveyed in a way that’s easy to understand so that users absorb the intended message of the site. As a User Interaction Designer, you help companies and organizations gain recognition through increased positive interactions with users.


Working Lifestyle:

User Interaction Designers work with Web Designers, Web Developers and other team members to ensure that a website meets the expectations of both the client and the users. Because you must be in constant contact with others, you must be confident in your ideas and have great communication skills. User Interaction Designers are typically hired as consultants and tend to work in comfortable office environments. Extra hours may be required if a pressing deadline is approaching. User Interaction Designers enjoy a high salary.


Skill Requirements:

Architecture, Creativity, Design, Innovation, Planning, Teamwork, Communication, Trend Awareness

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