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User Interface Designer

User Interface (UI) Designers are responsible for organizing information into a user-friendly interface. A user interface includes both hardware and software and is the structure that lets users interact with computers. Therefore, the role of a UI Designer is to design and maintain these interfaces in such a way that makes it easy and fun for users to operate a computer. As a UI Designer, you must be prepared to learn about the organization, company, or department you are designing for. This will help you when you organize all of the data that will be included in the interface. After you have created the interface and imputed the required information, you must conduct “usability testing”. This testing phase is important because it determines if there are any problems with the interface. It also allows for the UI Designer to see how users interact with the interface so that necessary changes can be made if there is any confusion or concerns. These interfaces are made for all kinds of applications such as websites, programs, and databases. 


Impact on Society:

As a User Interface Designer, you may understand the complex processes that happen inside a computer to make it work…but most people don’t! You are the person who simplifies computer use for the public. Your user interface designs make it easy for people to play computer games, surf the web, send an email, or edit a photo. Without you, using a computer would be a lot harder than it is now. Your designs replace the complicated back-end stuff with a user-friendly interface that everyone can understand.


Working Lifestyle:

User Interface Designers can expect to work in an office environment under limited supervision. Although you must be able to thrive independently, you also have to be comfortable working in a team alongside clients and co-workers. Good communication with the client is necessary for UI Designers since your ideas need to be on the same page throughout the design process. As a UI Designer, you will benefit from a high annual income.


Skill Requirements:

Organization, Design, Testing, Advanced IT Skills, Software Knowledge, Communication, Information Management, Attention to Detail, Innovation, Trend Awareness


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