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User Technical Support Expert

Consider yourself a computer whiz? Enjoy solving problems and helping others? Why don’t you become a User Technical Support Expert?

User Technical Support Experts are mainly responsible for overseeing, troubleshooting, and maintaining computer networks. They are also in charge of configuring computer equipment for employees, which includes establishing Internet connection, installing hardware and software, setting up new accounts, and providing training sessions on various programs and general computer usage. As a User Technical Support Expert, you often are responsible for writing training manuals containing operational instructions regarding computer systems and applications. Other duties include replacing computer parts as required, testing computer diagnostics and new technology, and proposing system improvements.


Impact on Society:

These days, all organizations require working computer networks in order to carry out business. Any problems with these networks pose a threat to an organization’s welfare and need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. User Technical Support Experts are a very important part of an organization since they work to make sure that all systems are maintained and functioning properly at all times.


Working Lifestyle:

The job outlook for User Technical Support Experts is very good. As a User Technical Support Expert, you can expect to work in office environments for a standard 40 hours per week. However, depending on the employer or contract, you may have to travel to a client’s office location to perform certain tasks. Once a client’s network is well-established, it is also possible to work out of a home office. Annual salaries for this job range significantly depending on the employer.


Skill Requirements:

Communication, Organizational Skills, Advanced IT Skills, Software Knowledge, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, Testing

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