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Web Content Manager

Are you organized and pay attention to detail? Like the idea of writing for the web?

Web Content Managers are responsible for overseeing all information that is posted to a website. Depending on the employer, Web Content Managers may be responsible for building a website from the ground-up or simply managing an existing website. Web Content Managers need basic programming skills in HTML in order to use web content management systems (CMS), which easily manage content within a site (i.e. WordPress CMS, Drupal CMS). Website management includes tasks like updating and adding new content, deleting outdated and redundant information, checking for broken links and fixing functionality, and act as editors for photos and videos. Web Content Managers ensure that all content is user-friendly and speaks to the targeted audience. General knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to Web Content Managers and allow for a website to be easily found within search browser pages.

Impact on Society:

As a Web Content Manager you make sure that a website’s information is accurate, fresh, relevant, high quality, and targets your intended audience. Your diligent work enhances the overall credibility of a site, helping the company or organization maintain a good reputation and positive image. Web Content Managers also take a load of the work off other members of a web team (i.e. web developer, webmaster etc.), allowing them to focus on programming, technical maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Working Lifestyle:

Web Content Managers generally work 8 hour days, 5 days a week, in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment; some overtime is required to meet deadlines. Communication skills are necessary for a Web Content Manager since they often work closely with marketing, communications, and technical teams. As a Web Content Manager, you will benefit from a fairly high annual income.


Skill Requirements:

Communication, Organization, Multitasking, Teamwork, Leadership, Writing Skills, Multimedia Skills, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving, Trend Awareness

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