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Do you appreciate beautifully designed websites? 
Do you want a job where you’ll be creatively challenged?

If you answered, “YES” read more…

eb Designers
are well-versed in graphic design, computer programming and are responsible for creating a website from the ground up. They build websites using markup and programming language, content management tools, databases, and various software programs. In addition to these skills, Web Designers are often also responsible for writing and editing the content of the webpage they are designing. The design process involves communicating with your client to determine the best way to display their content. The website design and functionality should aim to promote the client’s ideas as effectively as possible.

Impact on Society:

As a Web Designer, your work will be seen by the masses. By creating user-friendly layouts and functionality, you will be directly responsible for helping the public access information they need in the fastest and most enjoyable way possible. You will also take pride in recreating poorly designed websites into something that your clients can be proud of. When you design a website, you gain satisfaction in the fact that you are helping your client promote their work to the world.

Working Lifestyle:

Although it is imperative that Web Designers meet with clients to update them on their progress or to brainstorm new ideas, most of a Web Designer’s work is done independently. You will most likely work from home with occasional visits to your employer’s office. The average salary varies depending on your employer and your experience.

Skill Requirements:

Creativity, Communication, Time Management, Writing Skills, Software Knowledge, Design, Artistic Capabilities, INNOVATION, Multimedia Skills, Attention to Detail.

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