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Web Specialist

Web Specialists are trained in various areas such as web design, web development, web content management, and programming for Internet and intranet platforms. Web Specialists are experts in using web languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML, and are proficient at operating many different kinds of software applications like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and InDesign.  Web Specialists use their skills to create an effective web presence for large organizations, small companies, and individuals – whether they are designing and building an internal website or a public one. By continuously creating, updating, editing, and posting multimedia content, Web Specialists ensure that a website is running effectively and efficiently while staying up to date with relevant information. After the design and developing process is complete, Web Specialists need to perform testing to make sure that their creation is ready for mass consumption. Another task of a Web Specialist is to integrate websites with other databases and servers so that everything operates smoothly. It is important for Web Specialists to keep on top of current and emerging technology trends so that their work remains modern in a competitive marketplace.


Impact on Society:

Web Specialists help businesses get their message across to a worldwide audience. A Web Specialists’ expertise benefits organizations and consumers alike – Web Specialists strive to provide consumers with access to accurate, interactive, and engaging information, which in turn attracts new potential consumers to an organization. A well designed and developed website works simultaneously to build a good reputation for a company and satisfy a consumer’s need for information.


Working Lifestyle:

Web Specialists have various options for employment, whether it’s working in a permanent position at an organization or as an independent consultant. Consultants, otherwise known as freelancers, are able to secure contract positions with different organizations throughout their career. Working as a freelancer often allows Web Specialists to work from home, creating great job satisfaction. Salaries are usually above average and can increase based on individual experience, what city you are working in, and what organization you are working for.


Skill Requirements:

Software Knowledge, Initiative, Passionate, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, Multitasking, Communication, Organizational Skills, Time Management, Creativity, Trend Awareness

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