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Webmasters play an important role in the functionality and running of a website. Through testing, maintenance, and upgrades, a webmaster ensures a website (or websites) are user-friendly and running at an optimum speed for an audience’s use. Webmasters are often called web architects, web developers, website administrators, or site-content developers; often their role lends to creating content for websites and working on design and functionality. In order to be a Webmaster an individual must be creative, tech-savvy, and strong in communications. Often webmasters work within a team or work with various contractors to get the job done right! Webmasters often specialise in niche markets and work on specific topic-websites i.e. fashion, music, games, news, education etc.


Impact on Society:

As a Webmaster, you are solely responsible a website’s success! Without you, websites would crash, links wouldn’t work, and the content would become dated, quickly. A Webmaster helps clients, companies, and organizations stay current and relevant in a rapidly changing web-environment.  A well-managed website plays a huge part in reaching a client’s target audience and reinforces their message on the web.


Working Lifestyle:

The position and lifestyle of a Webmaster varies depending on where they work; large firms that offer support to multiple websites need Webmasters, they may work for a large organizations and focus their time on one website, or a Webmaster may be an independent consultant working on various websites ranging in size. Therefore, the average Webmaster may work the traditional 9-5 hours or may have to work overtime and on weekends. Due to the technical skill and knowledge a Webmaster must possess, they benefit from a good salary and are demanded across all industries. (We all need websites, right?)


Skill Requirements:

Attention to Detail, Communication, Decision Making, Initiative, Innovation, Multimedia Skills, Problem Solving, Software Knowledge, Testing, Trend Awareness

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