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Wireless Network Planner

A network is a group of computers that are electronically connected allowing information to be sent freely back and forth. Wireless networks enable two phones to communicate with one another over long distances without being physically connected. Wireless Network Planners are responsible for planning and adjusting a network’s components, which must be completed before a new telecommunications service is created. As a Network Planner, your duties will consist of what’s called, ‘topological design ’, ‘network syntheses’, and ‘network realization’. ‘Topological design’ is the initial planning stage – here, you determine where each component of the network will go and how each part will interrelate with each other. Next comes ‘network synthesis’ – in this stage, the size of each component has to be determined by analyzing the network’s needs and requirements. During a process called ‘forecasting’, Network Planners have to evaluate the amount of traffic that a network could receive. Finally, a Network Planner will conduct ‘network realization’, which involves planning how to meet each requirement so that the network will function properly as a whole.


Impact on Society:

Network Planners are instrumental in the proper functioning of a wireless network. A poorly planned network means that it may not be able to support traffic or sustain service. How frustrated would you be if your phone always had an intermittent signal because it wasn’t planned to support the right amount of users? Network Planners make sure that a network is able to maintain the highest network connectivity possible at all times, boosting uptime and reducing downtime.


Working Lifestyle:

Network Planners work alongside network analysts and designers, so teamwork and good communication skills are necessary on a daily basis. Overtime hours are sometimes required if a pressing deadline needs to be met or if a network needs to be reconfigured in order to support more traffic or include different geographic areas. As a Network Planner, you will receive a high salary.


Skill Requirements:

Analytical Thinking, Multitasking, Planning, Decision Making, Communication, Design

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